Weavers At The Black


Weavers at the Black Glossay


Weavers at the Black takes place in a distant galaxy with little connection to our own. However, most of the strange names and terms within the series are, to some extent, real. They are archaic or obscure words, foreign words, and words modified from their original forms. I have often appended suffixes such as "ic" to transform words into adjectives, "ite" to turn words into nouns, and so on. 

This glossary should by no means be read as a general dictionary. Very few of these terms are grammatically correct in any modern earth language, but the definitions and etymologies listed here are very useful to anyone reading this comic.




Aul Novast Esh Gritiatae: A common phrase from the language of pure magic which does not have a literal meaning. Magical languages like this are not the same as communicative languages, and should not be read as such.


Benthic: A Greek and English scientific word; that which pertains to the depths of the ocean.


Caudol: Adapted from the Scottish "Calder", and the variant "Cawdor", meaning "violent water".


Compressive Singularity: A strange way of saying "black hole".


Divus Ultimus: Latin, a human elevated to the status of a god, in this case, the last and greatest. The leader of the Eschatonic Imperium. Sometimes referred to as the Apothite, the Imperator, or God, among other titles. His real name is unknown.


Eleutherian: From the Greek "Elutheria", or "freedom", in this case meaning someone who is free from tyrannical control; one who lives in the Free Systems.


Eschatonic Imperium: From the Greek "eschaton", meaning "last" or "the end of the world", and the Latin "imperator", meaning commander. "The last empire".


Esdren: A word derived from a language of magic.


Eversea: A massive reservoir of water in space.


Gelid: Modern but semi-obscure English, meaning "frozen".


Lendris: From the Scottish "flendris", meaning "broken pieces".


Pax Atomona: Greek and Latin for "unbreakable peace", the current political dynamic of the galaxy. 


Pelagic: From Greek, meaning "of the sea". The term "Pelagite" here refers to an alien from the sea.


Permille: Part per thousand. One permille is 0.1 percent.


Photite: From the Greek "phos", meaning light, and the "photic zone", the scientific term for the sunlit portion of a water column. Refers to an alien from bright or shallow waters.


Rothel: From the Germanic "Roth", meaning "blood", "red", or "red-haired".


Shilia: An alien word for its own species, put into the closest form pronounceable by humans. Any similarities to native human words are coincidental.


Sibyl: A woman who can see the future. (Ancient Greek term.) 


Solar Integument: A skin or crust grown over a sun; a biological version of a Dyson Sphere.


Valdravas: Another word of magic.


Vlochar: Another alien term meaningless in human languages. 


Vulgite: One who speaks low languages, or a mage who uses low words of magic, from the Latin "vulgar", meaning common, ungrammatical, or rude speech.